Top Restaurants to Visit This Fall in Texas

Texans take football and food very seriously, and they are not easily impressed by newcomers with high acclaim. That being said, some hot new restaurants are just too tempting to resist. Food connoisseurs have scoured The Lone Star state in search of the most notable eateries. Here are a few that topped the succulent list.

Davis St. at Hermann Park

This reborn Houston restaurant goes way beyond surf and turf. Renowned chef Mark Holley has perfected a fusion of perfectly cooked seafood dishes with down-home comfort foods like country-style macaroni and cheese. The freshness of each dish absorbs a plethora of spices to create a flavorful and aromatic experience. The food perfectly complements the classically elegant redesign of the upscale bistro.

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4 Foods to Add to Your Summer Diet

Summer can bring a lot of unhealthy food options out. Frozen treats and cookout food aren’t the best choices, but summer brings versatile options. Here are some foods to add to the rotation for summer.


During the summer, staying hydrated is very important. Watermelon provides a tasty way to keep cool. The fruit itself is about 92% water and has many of the same health benefits as plain water. It can be eaten in many ways, including by itself, in a fruit salad, or regular salads or desserts as a topping.


Corn is a staple at most outdoor events during the summer. There are a million ways to prepare it from grilled on the cob, to a light corn salad with tomatoes and feta. Corn is also full of antioxidants and is incredibly filling, which helps cut down on snacking.

Iced Tea

Nothing is as refreshing as a glass of iced tea. Freshly brewed tea has a ton of health benefits for the heart, mind, and body. There are plenty of tea types to keep things exciting, and they all boast their specific benefits. During the summer, a fun way to liven up any glass is by freezing some chunks of fruit to use instead of ice cubes to add some flavor.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is one of the healthiest and most versatile foods. Not only is it great for digestive health, but it is also full of protein and calcium, which are necessary parts of essential nutrition. However, it is still low in calories. A simple way to add greek yogurt to a diet is to grab single-serve flavors from the grocery store. Greek yogurt is also an alternative base for ranch dressing and veggie dips. It is the main ingredient in tzatziki sauce, a flavorful topper for many light Mediterranean dishes.

There are plenty of ways to bring the summer season to the table. A lot of good produce makes its way into the stores this time of year, and with some creative recipes, it can be the healthiest season.

5 Amazing Dive Bars to Visit in Dallas, Texas

Even in big cities, newcomers and frequent flyers can find themselves falling short of nightlife options. Typically, this is because they don’t know the best spots. Whether it’s a local looking for a new place to hang out or a first-time visitor searching for a night of fun, one of these dive bars is sure to satisfy. Here are the top five dive bars in Dallas, Texas.

Ships Lounge

This bar’s recommendation comes straight from the Dallas Observer. It’s described as one of the most casual dive bars in the area. The dress code is extremely casual because it doesn’t really exist. On top of that, they even allow guests to bring their own alcohol! A person can simply pay a few dollars for a glass and ice. It’s located on Greenville Ave., just across the street from Sprouts Farmers Market.

Inwood Tavern

Dallas Eater marks Inwood Tavern as the number one essential dive bar in the area. It’s the oldest bar in Dallas that has never had to close its doors. It has a comfortable feel with many drinks being served in red plastic cups. Like most dives, they have karaoke nights that are announced via Facebook. They also have a happy hour every day until 7 pm.

Velvet Elvis

This strange dive bar located in a shopping mall is at the top of Culturemap‘s list for Dallas. The decor is styled after the ’80s, and hair metal bands are the bar’s go-to for cover music. Monday night pool tournaments are a regular event here. Most of their drink specials run Monday-Wednesday.

Double Wide

Travel and Leisure hit the nail on the coffin when suggesting Double Wide as one of the best dive bars in Dallas. It’s theme centers around a trailer park, including the drinks. It has an eclectic vibe with live music performances on most nights. It also has a sister bar called Single Wide that has a more intimate feel.

Black Swan Saloon

Dallas News ranked several local dive bars based on their Four Square reviews, and Black Swan was a clear winner. Described by one user as a cocktail bar, it’s a great location for anyone who appreciates a skilled bartender.

Texas’ Top Restaurants

The Lone Star State is home to plenty of places at which to eat and drink. Texas is known for its big plates of barbeque and its take on Mexican food. From big cities, such as Austin and Houston, to smaller ones, such as El Paso, there is no limit to the amount of eateries to explore. Check out the list below for some of the best restaurants across the Lone Star State! 

Franklin Barbeque – Austin, TX

What was once a trailer by the interstate is now a bustling brick-and-mortar lunch-only stop for brisket, pulled pork, sandwiches, sausage, coleslaw, beer, wine and pies. Serving everyone from locals to the Obamas, Franklin Barbecue’s long lines are there for a reason.

Tei-An – Plaza, Dallas, TX

Tei-An features a mix of contemporary Japanese dishes alongside more innovative twists on the classics. Find everything from curries and sushi to tempura and soup. Look out for the hand cut soba noodles, made of buckwheat, and topped with dashi dipping sauce and meats such as duck and chicken. A seven-course omakase dining experience is also offered.

Crawfish & Noodles – Houston, TX

Found inside a strip mall, Crawfish & Noodles has been nominated for a James Beard award. This joint serves up seafood with a Vietnamese twist. Viet-Cajun Crawfish are topped in a buttery garlic sauce, and fried crabs are golden and crispy.

H&H Car Wash and Coffee House – El Paso, TX

Being on the border of Texas, New Mexico and Mexico, this legendary eatery has more than burgers, pancakes and milkshakes. Huevos rancheros, enchiladas covered in chile Colorado and eggs topped with chorizo are more this coffee house’s style.

The Village Bakery – West, TX

As the oldest Czech bakery in Texas, Village Bakery serves treats with a Texan flair. Kolaches and braided bread feature fillings such as cream cheese, poppy seed and apricot. There is even a version that features sausage for a savory alternative. Listen to the polka music playing as food is ordered. It adds a distinct Czech touch to the establishment.

Dig into dishes at these restaurants while in Texas. Bon appétit!

5 Restaurants in the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex

Whether a foodie is a traveler visiting, or a local resident residing, in America’s fourth-largest metropolitan area, it is without doubt that he or she has frequently wondered where one should dine out in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex area?

Because any restaurant owner or manager can see how important dining out and enjoying the most amazing cuisine is to a customer, that business owner or employee understands retaining existing customers and attracting new ones can make or break his or her commercial eating and drinking establishment.

Today, there are many types of restaurants in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, each of which caters to a particular group of foodies who love to dine out, ranging from Texas BBQ to traditional soul food to classic Mexican cuisine.

Queso Beso

For any diner who prefers dining in a casual Tex-Mex restaurant, Queso Beso exemplifies the most amazing Tex-Mex experience. The eating establishment is conveniently located in downtown Dallas and covers all your taco needs!

Cooper’s Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que

Many diners have voted Cooper’s Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que as one of the best BBQ restaurants in Fort Worth. The restaurant serves great foods like classic BBQ beef and pork ribs, jalapeño sausage, pulled pork, baked potato, and more pulled directly from the pit.

La Palapa del Sabor

Any foodie who has ordered a delicious meal at La Palapa del Sabor, located in Oak Cliff, is familiar with the Veracruz-inspired cuisine served there: fajitas, flautas, quesadillas, and other popular dishes. This is the perfect dining destination for any small group of family and friends.

Commons Club

Virgin Hotels Dallas’ in-house restaurant, Commons Club, is the ultimate social club where one can order classic cocktails and fresh seafood. The ‘members-only’ atmosphere makes any diner feel warmly welcomed.

Al Biernat’s

Al Biernat’s is a unique restaurant that offers prime steaks that are locally-sourced and fresh seafood. The Japanese restaurant epitomizes classic chic and is the perfect spot for a small gathering of family and friends.

Each day, the aforementioned restaurants serve many customers in Dallas and Fort Worth in the State of Texas, where many Texan-sized appetites are satisfied on a daily basis. This listing of great restaurants is handy for anyone looking for a remarkable culinary experience in.

Foods to Try in 2020

We saw so many food trends in 2019 that it is hard to believe there will be even more in 2020. 2019 was admittedly exciting for foodies. No one was spared of the constant social media posts of great plates of food. But things are going beyond plant-based burgers, bone broth, and sriracha everything. There are 5 interesting food trends to seek out in 2020.

Coconut Aminos

Soy sauce is a staple in most households. It is brewed from soybeans and wheat. Many have food sensitivities to both. You can find wheat free soy sauces that go by the names of tamari and liquid aminos.

There is an alternative that has been around for awhile that tastes like soy sauce and has no wheat or soy. This is called coconut aminos. While one product has been around for a few years, several companies are now making their own versions, making it more affordable.

Coconut aminos taste like mildly sweet soy sauce. It can be used just like soy sauce in stir fry dishes and sushi. It also makes for a great teriyaki sauce without all the sugar that is in teriyaki.

Plant-Based “Seafood”

You might be wondering why anyone would want to eat imitation seafood. Consider that much of the oceans are being depleted of essential fish species necessary for the health of our ecosystem. In addition, much of our seafood is contaminated with mercury. No one wants to deplete the oceans or eat poison.

If you enjoy the taste of fish, try plant-based seafood. Most of these are made with legumes and algal oil that is high in the omega-3 fatty acids that fish is a good source of. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for cardiovascular and brain health.

Tiger Nut Flour

Tiger nuts are tiny, pea shaped tubers that can be eaten like nuts, cooked like beans, or added to granola. These are naturally gluten-free. You can now find tiger nut flour online and in natural foods markets. This flour is a great substitute for grain based flours. This works well with the Whole 30, Paleo, and Keto diets.

Local Meal Delivery Kits

There has been a recent boom in meal delivery services. These used to be limited to prepared meals that you heated up in your microwave. A few companies ventured into the delivery of kits that include measured out ingredients and detailed instructions for you to cook a gourmet meal at home. These are convenient and often include high quality foods.

This year we are already seeing an upsurge in the number of companies putting together meal delivery kits. Many of these give you the option of choosing meals designed for specialty diets and allergies. The newest players in this market are what are called local meal delivery kits where smaller providers have partnered with local farms to source ingredients. Delivery is generally limited to a specific area to ensure freshness.

Vegan Scrambled Eggs

The best thing to come to market recently is a liquid egg alternative that scrambles just like eggs and even tastes like eggs. If you are vegan, concerned about cholesterol, or have an egg allergy, this might be a good option to scrambling crumbled tofu.

The “eggs” come in small pourable bottles that resemble mustard. The reason they are small is because these mung bean based eggs have a short shelf-life and should be used within 7 days. You can find them in the refrigerated section of your natural foods and specialty markets.

Food Trends of the Last Decade

In the few weeks left of the decade, folks are reflecting on the past 10 years. What did they accomplish? What has changed since 2009? And most importantly, what did everyone eat over the course of the decade? These food trends topped the charts in the 10s, but what will stick around in 2020?

Larger Than Life Milkshakes

Step aside, local diner shakes. Milkshakes have achieved new heights. Literally. At places like Black Tap in New York City, diners can order milkshakes with almost anything on them from traditional whipped cream to lollipops and cookies. Would you like a whole slice of cake with your shake?

Health Elixirs

Stressed about physical and mental wellness, people in the last decade have turned to food for holistic treatments. Kombucha for gut health, turmeric for anti-inflammation and CBD for stress relief have been some of the mindful food choices that defined the decade. Despite dissent for the effectiveness of some of these applications, most notably CBD, there’s no stopping the health food trend now.

Avocado Everything

Guacamole is extra, but people have been willing to pay. Toast topped with meticulously layered avocado rosettes have taken cafe and brunch menus by storm. More than simply an add-on to a burrito bowl, avocado has made its way onto toast, into fried appetizers and even hidden in gooey brownies. So popular, avocado toast is one of the most popular food trends of the last 40 years.

Egg-cellent Choices

Put an egg on it! The Instagram-worthy “yolk porn” trend made for the popularization of the soft-cooked egg. Runny yolks topped avocado toasts, sky-high burgers, pizzas and so much more throughout the decade. While humans have enjoyed runny eggs throughout history, they have risen to online fame in the last decade.

Meatless Meat

With the rise of the Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger, folks are attempting to reduce red meat intake and replace their routine burger fix with bleeding, plant-based lab-grown burgers. The vegan alternative has become popular in the supermarket shelves and on fast-food menus across the country.

Twice As Nice

Foods packing twice the trend-power have become top of mind in the last 10 years. Following the successful cronut, chefs have combined foods to make culinary statements at foodie-friendly festivals. The ramen burger, made famous at Smorgasburg, and the sushi burrito are two noteworthy culinary multitaskers.

The Best BBQ Spots in Austin, Texas

Austin is full of great BBQ spots, but with so many to choose from, it’s hard to decide sometimes. The top choices in the city provide plenty of menu options, as well as features that help each location stand out. Anyone looking for some excellent barbecue will want to consider these favorite places.

LeRoy and Lewis

This favorite BBQ option includes alternative meat cuts like beef cheek that help bring out the flavor, as well as options with conventional meat cuts. Daily specials and unique side dishes like barbecue fried rice help add to this food truck’s appeal. Another treat available here is a collection of bagels, and cream cheese served daily at breakfast, making this fusion food truck worth a visit.

Micklethwait Craft Meats 

Another option is this trailer that specializes in scratch cooking that includes homemade sausages. All the classic sides like beans are here, and they also offer a Frito pie as a Texas treat. The location stays open every Tuesday through Sunday until everything sells out.

Smokey Denmark’s

The location is part of a family-owned meat processing company that has been around since 1967. One of their specialties is a sausage featuring jalapeno cheese. There are also several types of regional sauces to go with the meat collection that includes everyone’s favorite barbecued meats. 

Lamberts Downtown Barbecue

Lamberts offers service from brunch until late at night. Chopped brisket and all the usual favorites are available as plates or sandwiches, with sides that include fresh coleslaw. Another nice touch is that a full cocktail menu is available, perfect for that post-work gathering.

Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ

This favorite food truck is part of the popular fusion trend that has entered the culinary world in recent years. Some of the top options include mesquite-seasoned brisket, smoked carnitas tacos, smoked corn, and homemade tortillas. The menu selections provide a diverse range everyone will love.

Kerlin BBQ

Kerlin’s creations are served two food trucks, with one serving barbecue and the other serving pastries. The star attraction of the pastry truck is a brisket-stuffed kolache, which has become a breakfast staple for many Austin residents. Some of the BBQ meat options visitors can look forward to include ribs, sausage, and brisket, with sides like coleslaw.

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